What We Do

Red Hill Studios - Memorable User Experience Design

User Experience Design

To rise above the noise, your message must engage your audience, empower their curiosity, and leave behind a lasting impression. Let us show you how imaginative UX design can help you meet your goals.

Red Hill Studios - Adaptive Instructional Design

Adaptive Instructional Design

Educational software can unleash each student’s innate potential by tailoring challenges to their evolving abilities. We use evidence-centered design to maximize the effectiveness of our programs.

Red Hill Studios - Engaging  Game Design

Engaging Game Design

“Appropriately-difficult” games can challenge people to gradually improve themselves, their knowledge, and their health – and document their progress. Plus,  they’re fun to play.

Red Hill Studios - Sturdy & Extensible Programming

Custom Extensible Coding

We employ a wide range of frameworks and languages (Angular JS, Objective C, Python, Flash, etc.) to create magical user experiences on leading interactive platforms (desktop, mobile, and/or custom).

Red Hill Studios - Art & Animation Production

Art, Animation, and SFX

We excel in combining dazzling graphics, animations, and sound effects with clever coding to produce to attention-grabbing dynamic displays. We’re skilled in many visual formats (hand-drawn, digital illustration, pre-rendered, and realtime 3D) to work within a wide range of budgets.

Red Hill Studios - Compelling Video Production

Compelling Video Production

Dynamic video can transport people to another place and arouse their passions. We tailor the media to your specific message. And sometimes, the best approach is a powerful video.

When the interface between the person and the program disappears… When the person works ‘through’ the interface not ‘with’ it … That’s when the magic happens.

What We’ve Done (recently)

Red Hill Studios - Painting with Time iPad App

Painting with Time iPad app

Explore how the world changes by ‘finger painting’ with time in this playful app (2nd most downloaded free ed iPad app in the world – Jan. 2012)

Red Hill Studios - Pearson Education

Pearson Education

We’ve created numerous innovative and accessible educational programs for math, science, economics, and history curricula.

Red Hill Studios - Be There: San Francisco

Be There: San Francisco

Experience “mobile virtual reality” with Red Hill’s Be There apps that utilize the the iPhone/iPad gyroscopes to update your view as if you’re actually there.

Red Hill Studios - Games for Gait and Balance

Games for Gait and Balance

These health games help people with Parkinson’s improve their balance through a custom-designed progressive challenges.

Red Hill Studios - Cellular Journey

Cellular Journey

Zoom through the dazzling inner world of human cell on a physical ‘cytoscooter’ at the Reuben Fleet Science Center.

Red Hill Studios - Posture games for children with cerebral palsy

Posture Games

This health game research project demonstrated value of timely feedback to improve posture in children with cerebral palsy.

From gestural interfaces to mobile devices, responsive design to accessibility, there has never been a more vibrant and exciting time to be designing and creating interactive media.

What We’re Doing (today, yesterday, tomorrow …)

Red Hill Studios - Up From the Ashes

Up From the Ashes Game

We’re working with Entertainment Science to create an innovative Facebook game that will help people quit smoking through ‘virtual game rewards.’

Red Hill Studios - Now and Then - iOS App

Now & Then Cam iPhone app

We are nearing completion on the Now/Then Cam App that will let you produce perfectly aligned old/new photos of the same place from the same spot. Available in App Store in December.

Red Hill Studios - Puzzle Pop - UCSF

Puzzle Pop – UC San Francisco

Can a mobile game encourage kids to drink more water and less soda? That’s what our Puzzle Pop app for UCSF’s Center of Vulnerable Populations aims to find out.

Red Hill Studios - BSCS (Biological Sciences Curriculum Study)

Diabetes Education K-12 Project Classroom Curricula

We’re collaborating with the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study to design and produce a suite of engaging interactive online activities about preventing and treating Type II diabetes (from kindergarten to 12th grade).

Red Hill Studios - Pearson Education

Accessible Educational Software

Thoughtful design empowers people with disabilities to experience rich educational experiences. We’re partnering with Pearson to apply Angular JS to accessibility design.

Red Hill Studios - Gestural Interface Research

Gestural Interface Research

Red Hill has been designing and constructing innovative methods of interacting with computers since 2002. Today, the explosive emergence of billions of sensor-rich mobile devices provides an immense canvas to explore new forms of gestural interaction. The worldwide success of Red Hill’s Painting with Time iPad app demonstrates some of the possibilities in this rapidly evolving field!