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Exploring Time is a two-hour, prime-time television event that reveals the unseen world of natural change that occurs on different time scales, ranging from billionths of a second to billions of years. The show is a co-production of Red Hill Studios, Twin Cities Public Television, NHK (Japanese Television), ARTE (French Television), and The Science Channel (Discovery). The project was supported by a major grant from the National Science Foundation. It aired on The Science Channel in March, 2007.

Featuring stunning graphics and international documentary field production, the broadcast special expands our view of the world around us. In addition to co-producing the television special, Red Hill Studios delivered 40 minutes of high definition video for the show, including custom 3D animations, scientific visualizations, and timelapse and high-speed video, along with evocative sound effects. Our artists collaborated with scientists around the world, mapping satellite data onto globes, and translating data sets into accurate 3D scientific animations.

The Exploring Time documentary grew out of the Playing With Time traveling museum exhibition that Red Hill Studios co-developed with the Science Museum of Minnesota. These projects demonstrate our history of successful collaborations as well as our interest in creating rich media that reveal the changing world around us.

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