Red Hill Studios - Inventors Lab

InventorLabs allows users to explore the lives and laboratories of the people who revolutionized the way we live. Through the magic of Quicktime VR, you are transported back in time to photorealistic recreations of the labs of famous inventors, where you can work to produce an airplane or telephone, or test your own inventing skills by creating a vehicle of your own.

The project demonstrates Red Hill Studios’ ability to develop and produce realistic recreations of famous historical events and people. We conducted detailed research on the inventors’ personal histories and their personalities, as well as their writing and speaking styles, to produce accurate portrayals of these influential innovators. We integrated blue-screen videos of the actors with meticulously crafted 3D models of their laboratories within an interactive Quicktime VR environment.

The InventorLabs CD-ROM series won numerous awards including the prestigious Prix Mobius International Competition awarded in Paris, France.