This totally kickin’ surfing simulation game was developed by Red Hill Studios in collaboration with S2 Associates, Inc. for the San Mateo County History Museum’s Mavericks Surf exhibit.

The game provides visitors with an opportunity to experience what it would be like to surf a 40 foot wave at the Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Contest that takes place each year near Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County. This is a great example of how custom hardware and software development can result in museum experiences that are site specific, deeply contextualized, and super fun.

Visitors stand on a custom-built physical surfboard on the floor facing a large flat screen monitor. Visitors “surf” by shifting their weight on the board. Pressure sensors under the board communicate the visitors’ movements to the computer game to provide seamless interactivity. The game, developed in Adobe Director, includes real time 3D graphics and custom animations depicting different types of wipeouts. Successful game play is rewarded with an animation showing a cheering crowd and familiar landmarks from Half Moon Bay.