Red Hill Studios - Playing with Time

Playing with Time is a 5,000 square-foot traveling museum exhibition that was co-produced by Red Hill Studios and the Science Museum of Minnesota with funding from the National Science Foundation.

Playing With Time takes visitors on a journey to the unseen world of natural change and shows events that happen too fast or too slow for humans to perceive. The exhibit includes several custom hybrid interactives that allow visitors to view and manipulate media in unique ways. It opened at the Science Museum of Minnesota in March 2002.

The exhibit has been touring museums nationally since its debut, including the Museum of Life and Science (Durham, NC), Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley, CA), Liberty Science Center (Jersey City, NJ), Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium (Miami, FL), Boston Museum of Science (Boston, MA), Science World (Vancouver, BC, Canada), and the Don Harrington Discovery Center (Amarillo, TX). It recently concluded its tour after 11 years touring the country (6 years longer than originally planned).