Red Hill Studios designed and developed this interactive kiosk for the Immigration Gallery at the San Mateo County History Museum. The gallery featured a rich collection of artifacts about the county’s history of immigration, but did not tell the story of San Mateo’s more recent immigrants. The museum wanted a way to celebrate the fact that the population of the county was 30% first generation immigrants 100 years ago and continues to be so today.

Our solution, the Immigration Stories kiosk, invites visitors to record short videos as they talk about their experience (or their family’s experiences) of immigrating to San Mateo County. The main interface is a map of the world, with push pins and thumbnail images representing recorded stories. Topic choices appear on buttons in multiple languages and provide a visual tie-in to signage already present in the gallery. The graphical interface was developed to serve a population of visitors who are not native English speakers.

This interactive software demonstrates our ability to provide a creative and appropriate solution to a client’s need.