Red Hill Studios - Historic Fish Hatchery

UC Davis Tahoe City Field Station/Eriksson Education Center’s “Historic Fish Hatchery” Interactive. This kiosk invites visitors of all ages to explore new and historic videos about the lake, the fish hatchery, and current conservation efforts. The kiosk includes three playful mini games that teach adults and children about the species in Lake Tahoe. The games use humorous narration and animations to teach engage visitors in learning about the native and non-native fish that currently live in the lake.

This project is a great example of how Red Hill Studios can design playful interactivity that is engaging for all ages. The mini games were designed and developed within a small budget, but by using wonderful original illustrations, funny sound effects, and hilarious narration, the project does not appear budget minded. We worked closely with the client to translate their academic content into playful scripts and used creative programming techniques to create the illusion of synched mouth movement.