Red Hill Studios - California Science Center

Red Hill Studios developed seventeen innovative media programs for the California Science Center’s exciting new permanent exhibit: “Ecosystems.” This exhibition invites visitors to explore the varied ecosystems of land and sea, from the ordinary to the most extreme. Visitors learn how the physical and living worlds are connected and shaped by the same fundamental ecological principles.

Red Hill Studios contributed expertise in video production, game design and custom interactive software development to create unique media components for the museum’s “Eco Zones,” including a visitor operated remote camera that allows visitors to capture images of live birds and gather data about the species that visit the museum’s feeders, and a simulated deep sea ROV control room where visitors can learn about the rare and exciting creatures found in the ocean’s depths. Video programs include timelapse photography , interviews with local experts on issues effecting the L.A ecosystem, and animations that illustrate geological phenomena. Games teach visitors about how waste is sorted at local landfills and how various pollutants contribute to smog in the L.A. Basin.